The sturdy die-cast aluminum body features a superior anti-corrosion surface treatment and an easy-to-read visual valve position indicator. The visual valve position indicator is located on the top of the positioner. A manometer is available to monitor pressure. Can be mounted directly to pneumatic actuators with standard VDI / VDE-3845 Namur style upper shaft mounting. A universal namur connection support kit is supplied with each positioner.


• Valve positioners with 4-20mA or 3-15 PSI input
• Anti-corrosion, protected and robust aluminum body
• +/- 1.5% Linearity
• 90° clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
• No additional connection required thanks to direct drive output shaft
• Stainless steel manometer
• Visual valve position indicator
• Universal namur mounting parts included


Pneumatic positioners are used with rotary and linear air actuators to accurately position control valves used in flow control applications. Convalve positioners provide control of ball, globe, butterfly valves and other types of control valves under desired conditions.


Pneumatic positions converts a 4-20mA or 3-15PSI input control signal into a proportional pneumatic output. This output is fed to a pneumatic actuator that controls valve position and flow (mechanical position with feedback). Fast and accurate response times from intake change to valve movement. Zero and span settings can be easily made. The positioner can be adjusted to rotate the output shaft 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. Easily convertible to single acting and double acting or vice versa. Filter/Regulators – Used to filter incoming air and set/maintain a constant inlet pressure.

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